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Private-Label Services


In addition to PPP branded products, Professional Pet Products offers a wide range of products for pet and human use. Our capabilities include:

• Full lab services including new and competitive product development.

• Full time chemists.

• EPA, FDA and Alcohol registered facilities.

• GMP quality control for all manufacturing.

• Raw material testing.


• Full final product analysis including: Gravimetric Analysis, HPLC Assays, Microbiological Screening, ph/S. Gravity/Viscosity Testing, Room Temperature and Accelerated Stability Studies.

• Large capacity filling lines with climate and environmental controls.

• Jacketed tanks, sweep tanks and powder fill capabilities allowing for filling of liquids, thick creams, powders and gels.

• Wide range market experience including: Personal Care, Nutritionals, Pharmaceuticals, Household Products, Automotive, Industrial and Pet Products.

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