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PPP, Professional Pet Products Inc. is located in Miami, Florida - the home of fleas, ticks and pet skin problems! Established in 1982 by Louise Plant, an animal lover who was famous for her concern for our furry friends - Louise would pick up strays, stop traffic to protect or feed lost or injured animals, and spare no expense to provide for animals of all types.

The formation of PPP was quite by accident. It just so happened that Louise was friends with the owners of a very prominent veterinarian-only pet care product company and one day the idea dawned on her - to take these same veterinary resources and technology and offer them to all pet owners. PPP pioneered this crossover of high quality, safe, and effective veterinary products to the “over the counter” market. Thus the formation of Professional Pet Products and the bywords “Advanced Formulations For Better Pet Health” and “The Only Thing Missing Is The Price Of The Office Visit”!


The PPP Story


Specializing in grooming products for dogs, cats and ferrets, PPP offers a product for every conceivable grooming use. Aromatherapy and All-Purpose Shampoos, Styptic Powder, and Dental Products are just a few. PPP’s products are unique in their composition as well as in their market position.


In the candid words of John Plant, President, “Once the concerned pet person uses PPP they are hooked - never before have they experienced the results and efficacy that our products offer!” He adds “To be frank, our products are not marketed by fancy advertising and pushy salespeople - they sell themselves!”

Today the company is headed by John Plant, Louise’s son, who carries on the tradition of love for animals, honesty, and a commitment to offering the best quality pet products available. 

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