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Dental Care 

For Your Pet


PPP ProCare® Dental Spray (Product # A825) 

Fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums are now just a spray away!  Designed to be used daily to gently and effectively clean the teeth, gums, and freshen the breath using Natural Baking Soda and Zinc Gluconate. Regular use will reduce plaque, tartar and odor-causing bacteria.  For dogs and cats. 8 oz. 

PPP ProCare® Dental Solution (Product # A860) 

Is specially formulated to quickly and conveniently freshen pet’s breath, whiten teeth, and reduce dental plaque and tartar build up for healthy teeth and gums! Simply mix with your pet’s drinking water.  Taking Care of your pet’s dental health has never been so easy! For dogs and cats. 16 oz. 

PPP ProCare® Dental Gel (Product # A810)

Designed to gently and effectively clean the teeth, gums and freshens breath using Natural Baking Soda and soothing Aloe Vera!  Regular use reduces tartar deposits and plaque formation.  No rinsing is required! For dogs and cats. 4 oz. 

PPP AromaCare™ Dental Wipes (Product # 1170) 

Contains the natural cleansing power of Apple Essence, Baking Soda, and Fresh Mint to help keep your pet's breath fresh, the teeth and gums clean and healthy! Convenient for daily use – and dogs love the taste!  For dogs and puppies.  100 Presoaked Textured Wipes.

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