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PPP Ferret Fresh™ Shampoo (Product # A400)  

Removes glandular excretions and musky odors associated with ferrets. A weekly bath with this delicate, hypoallergenic, non-drying shampoo will keep your ferret’s coat and skin clean and fresh smelling.  Piña Colada fragrance.  8 oz.  

PPP Ferret Fresh Cream Rinse (Product # A445)   

This highly concentrated, fragrant cream rinse helps eliminate musky odors when used in conjunction with PPP Ferret Shampoo.  Makes comb-outs easy and tangle- free.  8 oz. 

PPP Ferret Fresh™ Deodorizing Spray Conditioner (Product # A490)  

A daily or interim (between shampoo) treatment to help control odor resulting from glandular discharges and to keep the skin moist and the coat sleek.  Has a very pleasant “clean” smell.  8 oz. 

PPP Ferret Ear Cleaner with Eucalyptol (Product # A495)  

A highly effective preparation for routine ear cleaning.  Recommended for ear odor and debris removal.  Promotes healthy ear tissue.  4 oz.           

PPP Ferret Derm™ Liquid Food Supplement (Product # A640)   

A specially formulated supplement that can be added to the ferret’s food or fed directly.  Contains Essential Fatty Acids, Marine Lipids, Vitamins and Zinc to provide the essential nutrients important to promote and maintain a healthy skin and coat.  8 oz.              

PPP Feather Fancy™ Spray Conditioner (Product # A660)  

Contains natural moisturizing ingredients which hydrate the feathers and skin.  Simulates the natural conditions of a tropical “Rain Forest”. Improves texture, color and sheen.  Contains Essential Fatty Acids. Spray directly on feathers, especially at the base of the tail.  Convenient pump-sprayer bottle.  8 oz.       

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